Hand Method
Rotary Method

You are more than welcome to come in and take a look at our portfolio of before and after
photos of our work.  We also offer a skin test 7 days before your scheduled procedure along
with a consultation for $25 which will be subtracted from your procedure fee.
Waking up, looking your very best with perfectly shaped
Now you can look your best 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
that will not smudge, run or smear
You can apply your makeup 3,650 times over the next 10 years, or simply let us do it for you ONCE
We also do... Eyelash Lifts/Perms, Eyelash Tint, and Beauty Marks
Our goal is to provide a professional setting
where clients receive quality care

We are dedicated in helping clients
feel better about themselves

At Permanent Cosmetic Clinic we use the highest Aseptic Standards to ensure your health. We follow strict Hospital
Grade disinfection and Sterilization procedures as required by the Center of Disease Control, OSHA, and the Texas
State Health Department. All instruments are individually packaged and sterilized. We provide a clean and safe facility.

Before and After
You choose your design, and color with our guidance
You are more than welcome
to come into the office and
view our before and after

$25 Skin test and consultation.
We discuss Disclosure and
Consent Forms as well as After
Care Instructions.

$50 Deposit upon scheduling
your procedure.

These fees are taken out of
total price so your not paying


Q) Does it hurt?

A)  It's been our experience that many people fall asleep during the procedure.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) Our procedure fees range from $99 - $500 for Original work.  Some technicians charge $150 - $1,000 although higher prices don't
necessarily mean you will get better quality work. It's important to carefully check the credentials of your technician!    Our clients feel that the
cost to have their Permanent Makeup applied is very reasonable.  The freedom they experience from not having to worry if their makeup has
worn off or smeared makes it easy to enjoy life with confidence because they know they look good 24 hours a day, everyday! I would like to
charge just as much as most technicians but I can’t because I live in a very small town.  

Q) Is it safe?

A) Absolutely!  At our office, the client's safety is our highest concern. Strict sanitation, disinfection and sterilization guidelines are followed in
accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA, and Texas State Health Dept. All needles are individually packaged and
sterilized.  They are used once and then properly disposed of after each procedure.   Everything we use is totally disposed of at the end of your
procedure.  If you choose to have your Permanent Cosmetics applied elsewhere, be sure your technician has been properly trained in Asepsis!   
When a technician has been properly trained and follows Universal Precautions, Permanent Cosmetics is perfectly SAFE.

Q) Do I have a choice in the color?

A) Yes.  Your input is necessary to achieve the results you will be satisfied with. Plan on bringing your favorite lip/eye/brow makeup with you.  We
take into consideration the colors you prefer as well as your natural skin color, hair color and eye color.  A soft, natural look is always preferred,
but a more made up look can also be achieved.

Q) How do I know that you will do what I want?

A) It is our goal to work with you to achieve the look you want.  Our approach is one of "teamwork."  We begin the procedure by taking a "before"
picture without your makeup.  Then we begin the "design" phase.  We will ask you to draw on what you normally do.  Then, we will help you fine-
tune the design by making suggestions, adding and subtracting from the design, and asking for your feedback.  We will work together until the
design looks even and balanced and we are both pleased with the result.  During the procedure, we will follow the design lines that have already
been created with pencil.

Q) How long does each procedure take?

A) 15-30 minutes for consultation.
30 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect before we begin procedure.  The initial procedure will generally take approximately 1 - 2 ½ hours.  
Touch-up procedures usually do not require as much time.

Q) What can I expect immediately following a procedure?

A) I approach this process with great care. The results immediately following the procedure will look somewhat darker and more pronounced
than desired. Within the week, the excess pigment is sloughed off leaving a soft natural look. Right afterwards, you may experience slight
swelling and redness but only minimal discomfort. We ask that you sleep elevated (45 degree angle) the first 2 nights to avoid additional swelling.

Q) How long does it last?Q) How long does it last?

A) The color will soften and fade over time due to many factors such as skin exfoliation (both natural and chemically induced), sun exposure
and/or tanning beds, and some types of medication. Sun exposure is the major reason pigment fades. You may want to refresh your color in
approximately 2-10 years.   The cost for a Retouch is about half the cost of the initial application.

Q) How long do I need to be absent from my job?

A) For Eyebrows, you could have the procedure performed in the morning and be at work the same afternoon.  For Eyeliner, you may return to
work the next day.  Your eyes may look slightly "puffy" for 1-2 days, as if you've been crying.  Lips usually require 2 days off to allow the swelling
to go down.

Q) Are there precautions that should be taken before my procedure?

A) For EYELINER:  If you wear contact lenses, bring your glasses with you and plan on using your glasses for at least the next 4 days.

For LIP LINER or FULL LIP COLOR:  If you have ever had a cold sore or fever blisters in your life, we suggest that you obtain a 10-
day oral prescription for Zovirax, Acyclovir, Valtrex or Famvir capsules (an antiviral medication)
from your physician or dentist and
begin taking them 5 days prior to this procedure and continue taking them 5 days after.  Once the procedure has taken place it is also
necessary to shield the lips from the sun for 5-7 days to prevent blisters from occurring.

For Microblading of Brows: We will not do if you have Diabetes unless you bring in a doctors release form.

Q) What about allergic reactions to the pigments?

A) Our pigments are inorganic iron oxides, which contain no artificial additives and do not contain FD & C or D&C dyes.   "Less than .1Micro
pigmentation estimated permanent cosmetic procedures performed nationwide over the last 10 years resulted in an allergic reaction," according
to Micro pigmentation, State of the Art, by Charles S. Zwerling. M.D.   Many of our clients cannot wear regular traditional cosmetics due to
allergies.... with Permanent Cosmetics, now they can have carefree makeup, 24 hours a day.

Q) Is there anything else I should know?

A) Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have some degree of flexibility in changing color and shape to some
extent, depending on the expertise of your technician.  Your Permanent Makeup will appear darker immediately following the procedure but
during the healing period, you will see the color soften and lighten up.    It's important to remember that at first, your Permanent Makeup will look
TOO DARK.   This is because you have not yet gone through the healing process, and the top layer has not yet sloughed off.   The healing
period for most people is 7 days. During the healing period for all procedures, it is important not to pick, pull, scratch or rub off the top layer
(which will appear too dark) in any way.  If you do, you will most likely be pulling out some of the implanted color....  resu
lting in an additional cost
to re-apply.   You must let this top layer slough off by itself. Complete After Care Instructions will be given to you by your Technician, both orally
and in written form, along with a goody bag.

We also charge a $60 follow-up fee should you need one before 3 months. This is just in case you accidentally picked or pulled at your scabs
during the healing time.  Most people do not need a touch-up. We have to charge $60 because we use new materials to do your procedure for
your safety as well as ours. We don’t reuse anything, for your protection as well as ours, and we
do not re-sterilize needles or repackage them.
We take great pride in safety precautions to ensure your safety as well as ours.