Lasers are only allowed by the FDA to call themselves Permanent Hair Reduction

We do Electrolysis on the Face Only!

(Electrolysis is great for gray and blond hair since Lasers do not work on light colored hair).


Can Electrolysis Damage The Skin?
Under normal circumstances, skin damage is unlikely. However, some slight skin
reaction can be expected during the course of treatment. Do not worry if you
experience such manifestations. If the skin reaction persists for an unusual
length of time – that period differs for each individual client – consult your
electrologist for an analysis.

Is Electrolysis Painful?
Electrolysis does cause some discomfort which is relative to the client’s
tolerance and area of operation.
When a client experiences discomfort adjustments can be made to create a more
tolerable treatment.

Is Electrolysis Dangerous in any way?
The amount of electrical current used is infinitesimally small and poses no
hazard. Electrolysis is mechanically safe and controlled at every stage of its

How Many Treatments?
An electrologist cannot specify how many treatments will be necessary for
permanency since every client is unique. There are several factors which
contribute to the length of the treatments: the type and extent of hair growth,
client tolerance, skin type and frequency of treatments. The electrologist should
be able to answer this question more clearly after a review of your case history.

Is Work Noticeable After Treatment?
Immediately following a treatment there is normally a nominal amount of redness
and swelling. It disappears only after a short time. An electrologist will give you
instructions for appropriate aftercare which should allow you to continue with
your usual activities.
Electrolysis = $1 per minute
30 minutes = $30.00      
60 minutes = $60.00

Skin Tags         
1-15 Skin Tags = $60
16-30 Skin Tags = $120

We will apply an anesthetic
upon request.
Blood Spots
Skin Tags
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